1. Fun tattoo design by Thomas Asher’s pin up book

  2. Tattooed Boom @lamanzanamala., he’s an awesome tattooer and my coworker, it was an honor for me #blackwolf #bwtp #lasvegas

  3. Lisa del toro

  4. Lisa del toro

    Another one in the works #paint #watercolor #24x36

  5. Lisa Del Toro

    sugar skull tattoo

  6. Lisa del toro


  7. Lisa del toro


  8. Lisa Del Toro

    tattoo artist

  9. Lisa del toro

    In the works new water color

  10. Lisa del toro

    Had the rad opportunity to be on TLC’s second season of AMW where I did 2 cover ups for their show! Premier is March 27th on TLC, filmed @blackwolftattoo tune in next Thursday ! #tlc #blackwolftattoo #coveruptattoos #thankyoueveryone #forputtingupwithme 😬✌️ (at Black Wolf Tattoo)

    Americas worst tattoos

    Lisa del toro